On the twentieth day of Advent I de-cluttered twenty items:

  1. Three general items for recycling (recycling)
  2. Two general items for garbage (garbage)
  3. 12 articles of clothing (give-away)
  4. Three articles of clothing (garbage)

On the nineteenth day of Advent I de-cluttered nineteen items:

  1. Ten articles of clothing (give-away)
  2. Eight articles of clothing (garbage)
  3. Old D-Link router (recycling)

On the eighteenth day of Advent I de-cluttered eighteen items:

  1. Four books (give-away)
  2. Five garbage books/magazines (recycle)
  3. Sleeping bag (give-away)
  4. Two blinds (give-away)
  5. Six general items for garbage (garbage)

On the seventeenth day of Advent I de-cluttered seventeen items:

  1. Old keyboard (recycle)
  2. GoBe+ flashlight box (recycle)
  3. 12 garbage books/magazines (recycle)
  4. Three books (give-away)

On the sixteenth day of Advent I de-cluttered sixteen items:

  1. Three tie pins (give-away)
  2. A bag of coin roll wrappers (give-away)
  3. Two old Farmer’s Almanacs (recycle)
  4. Eight books (give-away)
  5. Sealed, recordable Blu-ray disc (give-away)
  6. Old wireless modem (recycle)

On the fifteenth day of Advent I de-cluttered fifteen items:

  1. A broken elephant (garbage)
  2. A broken hippopotamus (garbage)
  3. Two key chains (give-away)
  4. An eye-hole for a door (give-away)
  5. ID tag for luggage (recycling)
  6. Journal entries (recycling)
  7. Glass butterfly (give-away)
  8. Ruler (give-away)
  9. A pair of cufflinks (give-away)
  10. Wrist-watch (give-away)
  11. Two birth announcements (garbage)
  12. Wooden pencil case (give-away)
  13. Plastic pencil case (give-away)

On the fourteenth day of Advent I de-cluttered fourteen items:

  1. Electronic chess game with all the pieces (give-away)
  2. Ziploc bag full of dead batteries (recycling)
  3. Four books (give-back)
  4. Two board games (give-away)
  5. Travel size Backgammon game (give-away)
  6. Candle holder (recycle)
  7. Two tin spoons hand-made in Nigeria (give-away)
  8. A pair of socks (garbage)
  9. Yet another pile of instruction manuals (recycling)

On the thirteenth day of Advent I de-cluttered thirteen items:

  1. Two glasses cases (give-away)
  2. Some Lego boxes I was holding on to (recycling)
  3. Wooden truck, hand-made in Haiti (give-away)
  4. A box that contained Marc Miller’s signature (recycling)
  5. Two pairs of socks (garbage)
  6. Six computer games (recycling)

On the twelfth day of Advent I de-cluttered twelve items:

  1. Poetry magnets (give-away)
  2. Two Clipboards (give-away)
  3. Skipping rope (give-away)
  4. Motherboard (give-away)
  5. Velcro pouch (give-away)
  6. Broken glasses (garbage)
  7. Half-used “Great Ideas” notebook (recycling)
  8. 2010 Winter Games booklet (recycling)
  9. Packaged file folders with amusing captions (give-away)
  10. Another stack of CD’s (recycling)
  11. Another stack of user manuals (recycling)

On the eleventh day of Advent I de-cluttered eleven items:

  1. Cloth pencil case (garbage)
  2. Stack of blank CD’s without cases (recycling)
  3. Stack of blank CD’s with cases (give-away)
  4. Stack of many old vehicle insurance papers (recycling)
  5. Stack of old greeting cards (recycling)
  6. Stack of no longer needed, old manuals (recycling)
  7. Unused notepad (give-away)
  8. Another stack of receipts (garbage)
  9. Advice on Writing, a book I printed but never fully read (recycling)
  10. Clock (give-away)
  11. Book (give-away)

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